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Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps us to understand how our current feelings and behaviour are shaped by our past experiences.

It focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering, helping us to make sense of the painful and difficult patterns that are keeping us stuck, with the aim of creating long-lasting change.

The relationship with the therapist is key both in terms of finding a safe space where you are able talk freely and openly about your feelings and history, as well as providing a window into the relationship dynamic that may have been internalised from your early experiences.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy can help with many different problems, such as anxiety and depression, which can be related to early attachment wounds, experiences of inconsistent care, rejection, abuse or loss.


Pyschodynamic Psychotherapy Truro


“My training in psychodynamic psychotherapy enables me to provide a therapeutic environment that is safe and secure, where you can talk freely, openly and honestly, without being judged.”



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