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Systemic psychotherapy

The principles of Systemic Psychotherapy also underpin my work, whether this is with families, groups or individuals.

Systemic therapy focuses on the interactions and relationships between a group of people, rather than solely on an individual’s thoughts and feelings. 

It can help any group or system where people have a relationship or work together, as well as individuals who wish to explore their position within families, groups and relationships.

As an exploratory approach it helps to uncover the ways in which people are communicating and behaving within a system, based on beliefs about their respective roles.

Providing a space to explore the key issues affecting the group can help people to develop new ways of responding and communicating, building stronger relationships.


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 “My systemic training and perspective means that, even if you are consulting me as an individual, as well as focusing on your internal experience, I will also hold in mind your experience within your family, culture and social context”




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